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Complex Gums

Pudding Powder

Pudding Powder Available in regular pudding, exclusive pudding powder for layer cake, and instant pudding.

Pudding making process video

Jelly Powder

Jelly Powder Available in regular jelly powder, konjac jelly powder and instant jelly powder, and we can also prepare custom-make flavors.

Jelly making process video


Ai-Yu Jelly Powder

Ai-Yu Jelly Powder Special Kind of Jelly that is Very popular in Taiwan. Very Refreshing during Summer.

Ai-Yu Jelly making process video

Panna Cotta Powder

Panna Cotta Powder Easier way to make the one of Italian dessert with soft taste.


Sea Salt Cream Powder

Sea Salt Cream Powder Creamy milk topping that evenly float above drinks.

Sea Salt Cream making process video


Tofu Pudding Stabilizer Improve the taste of Tofu Pudding.
Guiling Jelly Stabilizer Improve the taste of Guiling Jelly.
Bird’s nest Stabilizer Improve the taste of Bird’s nest.
Ice cream Stabilizer Improve the taste of Ice cream.
Ice flakes Stabilizer Improve the taste of Ice flakes.


Noodle Quality Improver

Noodle Quality Improver Adding a small quantity is able to solve the softness problem caused by overcooking of traditional noodles.

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