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Cloudy Agent

Product Range Liquid : 1X、3X、5X、PT1000(Specially for High Brix Solution)
Packaging 20KG Per Drum (Liquid) / 18KG Per Carton (Powder)
  • Sugar application range (Brix 0~65)
  • Odorless, no impurities, no floating and settling of particles phenomena
  • Do not contain any preservatives, no need freezing or refrigerating
  • No addition of density regulator SAIB
Application Beverage, jelly, almond tofu, white coloring, etc.




‧2011-06-01 起雲劑檢驗報告 (塑化劑)
‧2011-06-01 楊堃 起雲劑檢驗報告 (六項塑化劑)
‧2011-06-01 源崑 起雲劑檢驗報告 (六項塑化劑)




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